I took the opportunity this morning to have an unexpected coffee with my wife.  One of my personal training clients in Ascot had been called away with work at the last minute, freeing up an hour of my time.  As a primary teacher she told me a story of a student who had been attending an extra maths class.  The class was not a formal tutoring environment.  Sessions were made fun, and as a result the student really enjoyed them.  Once a week they looked forward to the class.  Over the course of a term they had progressed from mid table to top of the class in maths.  Not only top of the class, but significantly so.  There were two important factors at play here – enjoyment and practice.  When it comes to having a successful fitness campaign enjoyment is the special ingredient.


Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation

Studies that have looked at exercise adherence repeatedly show that those who possess intrinsic motivation will stick at exercise or fitness for longer than those with extrinsic motivation.  Individuals who focus purely on the results and outcomes of a fitness programme are far more likely to give up than those who get pleasure and enjoyment out of it.  Choosing your physical activity wisely is therefore so important.  Exercise using activities that you love will focus you upon the process rather than the outcome.

Intrinsically motivated people will see the results take care of themselves.  They are far more likely to simply practice more.  We are what we do.  Just like the student with their maths.  Enjoyment meant that accumulated many more hours of meaningful practice – hence their maths got better.  Accumulating many hours of meaningful exercise results in a successful fitness campaign  – you will get fitter!


Different Strokes

Different people are motivated and gain enjoyment from different factors.  When it comes to exercise, some people are more sociable than others.  Some of our Ascot personal training clients want sessions that are fun, whereas other seek a more performance focus.  The key to a successful fitness campaign is to identify and emphasise these intrinsic motivators for each client.  This is more easily achieved with our mobile, one to one personal training than getting it right for every in a group fitness scenario.

Whatever your motivation, the secret to a successful fitness campaign and sustainable results is the magic ingredient of enjoyment.  Take time to search for exercise opportunities that you will enjoy first and foremost.  Session content and training variables can be tailored as you go, but if you don’t love what you are doing then the odds are stacked against you.  In the 1980’s gameshows points meant prizes.  When it comes to improving your fitness, enjoyment means many hours of practice accumulated.

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