Your body is a temple and you only get one to get you through life

You are put on this earth to enjoy your life to the full and that includes looking after your body (temple). If you have a body that is able to transport you from A to B and you feel great about yourself. Then you have something worth holding on to. We all have a body to look after, its what you do with your body that will make you look after it. If you feel and think you look great, you are in a category that enables you to love yourself. You don’t get to this point by not doing anything to achieve what you have. The hard work put in and enjoyment received from feeling good from doing exercises and eating healthily. Is something a lot of people are after. I am going to tell you that the easy rout is the worst in the long run. It leaves you unhappy and with a body you don’t like.

Calorie counting

If you are the kind of person that counts calories and isn’t eating the right foods then you are the person that needs to change. You body has to start eating a healthy balanced diet with foods that are better for you with lower calories. These are usually the foods that give you more energy. It’s all about fulfilling the bodies nutrients quota. If you give the body rubbish it will crave more food, if you give yourself more rubbish foods it will store this as fat. This is why if you are hungry it is beater to eat a healthy meal which will fill you up for longer. Rather than fill you up for a small period of time.


In my eyes there ins’t a thing called a diet. Your diet is meant to be the food that you put in your body to make sure you get all the nutrients your body needs to survive. When you take away some of the nutriets that your body needs you will start to suffer. You might think that its doing you good when the weight starts falling off. However in the next year it will be back with evengencce. If you are going to cut down the food you eat make sure you cut out small amounts at a time. And when you start to eat more add a little at a time. However, when you loose weight quickly the body doesn’t get time to adapt to the body shape. if you do exercise in the form of weight training to get some muscle on your body. It will be easier to sustain the new shape you have achieved. So make sure you do some exercise in the form of cardio and weights.

Loosing fat and not having any muscle definition

I was talking to a friend the other day who told me about a friend of hers that had lost a lot of weight. Through changing her diet alone. She used to be the happiest person in the world in the words of my friend. Always had a smile on the face when she was carrying a lot more weight. She didn’t do any exercise through the time of loosing. Which made her have sagging skin because she didn’t loose the weight in a sustainable. If she had of exercises it would have been as bad. Now being left with a body (temple) that she hates and is always unhappy, what does she do?

Educate from a young age

This leads me to my conclusion. As a personal trainer in Windsor I believe that we have to introduce exercise, food health and how the body works into  our educational system. So that our new young wont go through the same issues that the society is now going through. We have so many uneducated people in terms of what the body (Temple) is capable of doing. If only people new what all the personal trainers know. You then would be able to enjoy your life and not be burdened by having to diet or seeing exercise as a cruel task.