Thoracic spine mobility and health: what can you do daily to improve?

You should look after your thoracic spine every week by doing thoracic spine mobility. If you can incorporate it into your warms up thats even better. If you have an office job where this part of the back will become very stiff over time and start to cause pain. Lots of these mobility exercises are a great way to relieve pain and help mobilise. You can do them anywhere and I suggest that you try and find time to try them.  Add them into your normal working day for great thoracic spine mobility. These sorts of movements will become part of modern living when having a desk job. Whereas lots of big cooperation have the money to hire a trainer or instructor to come in and deliver a session for their workers. Many business can’t do this, so you have to find a way to help your own body.

Iron cross


This movement requires a small foam roller or towel. You place the towel in-between your knees whilst laying in a crucifix position on your back. Bring the knees up and let them fall to the side maintaining the grip on the roller or towel.

Thread the needle


You want to go from a cat/cow position on your knees to lifting on hand of the floor and threading it through the other arm. Place your head on the mat in front of you and twist your spine ant the same time.

Lying pretzel


The lying pretzel has this name because it has you twisting al lot. You want to lie on your left side then bring your left foot and hold it with your right hand, for the quad stretch. Then bring your right leg over the body and support it with your left hand. You don’t want to feel any pain in this position so if you do come straight out.

Foam roller opener


You foam roller opener requires a foam roller I would suggest a 90 cm one so it covers your whole back. Place the foal roller in the thoracic region of your spine and have your arms in a crucifix. Let the spine relax so that you can feel the benefits.

Standing t-spine wall stretch

You can do this one with your desk or the nearest wall. You place your hands a little wider than shoulder with apart, hinge at the hip whilst keeping your knees slightly bent. Push your chest into the floor so you feel a chest and back stretch at the same time.

Side lying rotation/open book


With this thoracic spine mobility movement is great for the whole body in general. Lie in a crucifix position whilst placing your left knee over your body and then take your left hand to place it as far as you can reach but on top of your right hand. you then need to keep the movement going starting from the beginning position.

Last Note:

As a personal trainer in Windsor, I make sure that all my clients are mobile to the best of there ability. Some people might take longer to create the mobility they need. However the secret is to never stop and you will change your body.