Train for long term gain or train for short term gain

People have always heard of that one friend who asks the one who goes to the gym a lot to train ‘why do you even go to the gym?’.  And you know that they know the answer. If they have any common sense they would know. It’s to keep fit and sustain a healthy lifestyle. You tell them this and they think that it’s stupid to go to the gym. They either think it’s stupid because they know that they should be moving more often. Or they are jealous of what you have achieved and they want exactly what you have.

Going to the gym to train for a long term gain

If you go to the gym a lot to stay fit and healthy that’s great. You feel good and you don’t have any weight issues to worry about. You might not work out as much as the person who is trying to lose 10 Kg. However, you don’t have to. You’ve been going to the gym so long that you’ve built it into your lifestyle so you don’t have to lose any weight. Your happy with your body. All you want to do is keep it healthy. You’ll probably still go to the gym for the rest of your life for reasons that are personal to you. But the main reason is that you are healthy and you won’t have any weight related health implications as you grow older.

Going to the gym to train for a short term goal

If you go to the gym to train just to lose weight for a special event or the summer, then you are going to be left in the dust. You’re going to feel like you’ve got to the ideal weight and then you’re going to stop until you gain more weight and do the same all over again. It’s like getting something you really want and throwing it away as soon as you’ve got it.  This sort of gym behaviour can leave you in a position that has a dramatic effect on your self-esteem. You start to resent going to the gym because it’s that place you go to lose weight. Instead of going to the gym all year round to be a healthy human. You decided to try and cheat the system that will keep on biting you on the ass every year.

How to become a person who exercises regularly to stay healthy?

Ok, I must admit it not just about your weight. Some people can be completely healthy even though they carry some extra weight around. You know that this isn’t the problem, the problem is if you don’t stay healthy by moving often and eating a healthy diet. Many people in the UK are now obese. It’s a struggle for the health system and it’s also a massive struggle for the people who are obese. And still it seems to be an increasing statistic every year there is a new higher number. This mustn’t continue otherwise we are going to become a country that has a lot of health issues relating to being over-weight.

What you need to do is start and start doing something now. These are the following things that you need to incorporate into your lifestyle. This won’t only make you healthier, it will also make you lose weight.

  • Star drinking more water and through away the sugary drinks.
  • Star eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and take away the sugary and fatty foods.
  • Start to walk for 30 minutes a day
  • Start a small exercise program for you can progress with slowly and include weight’s and cardio.
  • Have a portion control with all your meals so that you can teach the body on how much it really needs.

If you start new challenges and leave old habits, then you will become a changed person.

Last note:

If you’re the kind of person that goes through this sort of lifestyle and needs help. Personal training could be the accountable option you have been looking for. If you need help with what to do for exercise and in general everyday life, then we have an answer for you. You will be surprised to what you can achieve if only you put your mind to it.