The ongoing search for a quick weightless fix or simple route to the perfect body, can be dangerous. As the fitness industry grows and supplementation becomes more mainstream, it’s important to know the facts from the fiction. Protein, and protein shakes are often discussed in the media (The Independent). It’s impossible to cover every subject and fad diet in one go, so lets take a look at protein. Is the mainstream media right to promote high protein diets?


The Recommendations

The guidelines for protein intake are 0.8g, per kg of body weight, per day. For example, a 60 kg female would look to consume 48g of protein per day.


The Research

Despite these recommendations, a vast amount of research supports protein intake well above the RDA. For an athlete looking for weight loss, the recommendations increase to 1.6-2.4g/kg/day. This is in order to build and maintain skeletal muscle, along with promoting the loss of fat.


Everyday Application

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that! Protein requirements can change day to day and depend on multiple things. These may include, amount of exercise, type of exercise, quality of protein, type of protein and the list goes on.

Aim for these points

  • Consume the highest quality protein you can
  • Distribute intake evenly throughout the day (every 3 hours is a good marker)
  • Ensure the rest of your diet is balanced

If you are thinking about using supplements to reach your goal, research has found the following:

  • Whey protein has been shown to provide significant benefit
  • BCAAs and HMB are not so strongly supported

Will It Affect Your Health?

There have been reports of high protein diets having negative health effects. However, the main body of research suggests no detriments to health from a high protein diet. This includes, kidney and liver function and bone health.

Interested in reading more? Check out THIS study.


Many clients want to experiment with supplements and diet. However, as an Expert Personal Trainer In Richmond, London, I would always suggest trying to hit your goals through real food first!