If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know our feelings on fitness social media.  In a bid to stand out from the crowd many fitness enthusiasts will post only their best bits.  people will modify and edit the best bits to make them look all the more spectacular.  Social media has given birth to extreme fitness.  Why?  The answer is simple.  We love love bigger and better.  We love extremes.  Even if they’re not right for us.


Making a Splash with extreme fitness

If you go to a big water park in Europe or America you will find some incredible rides.   For example the log flume at Thorpe Park creates a splash zone that is 50m away from the ride.  People actively stand in the slash zone to get wet.  People will even do this on cold days, and literally pay to get wet!  Why?  Because the ride makes a huge splash.  Similarly, extreme fitness is a sure fire way of making a big splash.

Social media platforms provide personal trainers in Ascot and the surrounding areas with a shop window.  Any shop window should be inviting.  Ascot personal trainers want people to enquire after their services.  Personal trainers often post extreme fitness clips to get noticed in a saturated market.  If it has the ‘cool factor’ then you are going to attract attention from potential customers.  Result!


Paying to get wet!

Extreme fitness is for extremely fit people.  It certainly isn’t the right programme for everybody.  In a bid to generate income and scaleability many fitness guru’s  will generate extreme fitness workouts.  People buying into these are wanting to be part of the programme despite it making little sense for them.  Literally get wet and pay for the privilege!  At NK Fitness we deliberately maintain a small client base to ensure that each client receives the one to one focus that they require.  All programmes are structured to meet individual fitness needs within a structure that suits their lifestyle and goals.  If you would like to explore how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals then please contact us via our contact form.