Can you really train outdoors year round in London?  Surely, the spring and summer months provide the only realistic opportunity?  In short, yes you can.  You simply have to be creative, adaptable and plan ahead.  During the summer months a stroll through any London Park will show plenty of people taking advantage of outdoor fitness training.  Taking an hour at of the house or office to exercise in the fresh air can be one of the most important parts of the day.  However, whilst you may not see so many fitness enthusiasts during the winter, you will still see them.  How do we know?  As one of the most experienced mobile personal training providers in Fulham, it is often us training them!  In this latest post I discuss how lovers of the great outdoors can keep up the outdoor fitness training year round.


Summer is the time for park workouts

Visitors to London have a surprise by the amount of green space it enjoys.  Let’s take Fulham alone with huge grass parks and outdoor gym provision in Bishops Park, Eel Brook Common, South Park and Hurlingham Park.  Residents are spoilt for choice.  The summer months being dryer, provide the opportunity for workouts on the grass without getting covered in mud.  Workouts that include games and high speed changes of direction are perfect at this time of year.  The dry conditions also allow for plenty of ground work, such as gymnastics and body weight strength training.  Core activities such as controlled bear crawls and inverted handstand activities are easier during the summer season.


Cover up, take cover and get off the ground

When it comes to the winter months you need to change your game plan.  Workouts must be carefully planned in terms of both venue and content.  Conditions under foot are more likely to be wet, muddy and slippery.  Exercises completed on the ground are less appealing.  Therefore, it’s important to select exercises that keep you on your feet and off the ground.  For example, performing knee tucks and holds on a bench are a good replacement for sit ups.

Select venues that have better shelter from the wind and the rain.  If ground conditions are soggy I can still deliver a great speed and agility sessions using a tarmac slope and series of steps.  Thinking more broadly, the winter months may be when you look to take to the bike or simply get more miles done with your running.  Either way there are plenty of ways in which you can modify your outdoor fitness training to account for changing seasons in the city.

NK Fitness are amongst the most experienced providers of personal training in Fulham.   We deliver year round outdoor fitness training to many of our clients.  If you would like to discuss how we can help you get fit in 2018 please contact us.