Trust the process: You’re not moving to change the way you look, you’re moving to live a better life

Having trust in a process is the way of being able to have the ability to follow through with an opportunity that has been presented to you. You may ask “but I don’t know what the process is?”. I would respond with well as a personal trainer who has to make you trust the process of getting healthier and fitter. I know the process of getting fitter so firstly you have to trust me. After the trust has been put together with discussions about your goals and how I’m going to get you there. Then you will be able to see the process. Only after a few month of change will you start to see what the process really is.

Trust your trainer

Trust is a very hard logical and emotional act that has to be built between you and your trainer. If it isn’t built after a period of time then he/she might not be the trainer for you. Whereas you now know some of the process you still don’t know all the knowledge. Trust is something that I like to build from the beginning. However, it can work both ways. The trainer has to trust you were in by they trust you to do your workouts and eat healthily at home. Whereas the client is investing a lot of money into a trainer that has to show them what has to be done and why.

Once you know the process

After you have had a personal trainer for a while and you feel like you can keep going by yourself. This is the time you know you know the process of staying healthy. You might present to your trainer that you would either like to cut down on sessions because your confident to be able to train alone. Or you might have the agreement with your trainer than after you’re able to train by yourself. Then you can go on living your life knowing full well that you will be able to stay healthy and fit.

Last note:

As a personal trainer in Windsor and around Berkshire and Surrey. I have worked with individuals that at first just wanted a kick start in there training. After 3 months decided to stay for more sessions. This is because you can’t get fit and change a lifestyle in 3 months. I know that as a great trainer you want to be able to get your clients to a place where they can stay healthy without you. And at this point your trainer should say to you. “I think your ready to start doing some independent small workouts”. That is when you know you have made it through the process and have to keep going.