When it comes to training and exercise, many people don’t necessarily want to head to the gym. In fact, simply having to go to the gym can be a large reason many people are put off training. Whether this is due to confidence, being intimidated by others or not having the time to get there, it doesn’t matter. This is where mobile personal trainers, such as us, can help. Being able to train, learn and develop your health and fitness from your own home can be a massive positive. The down side? You don’t have a full gym in your house. So, how can you train effectively?


Start Simple

To be perfectly honest, you can get in pretty decent shape using only your bodyweight. Simply moving your own bodyweight can lead to increases in strength and fitness levels. Slow eccentrics and holds can improve your relative strength. In contrast, fast explosive circuits can develop cardiovascular fitness.

However, if you have a lack of knowledge, injuries or simply want to expand your choice of exercises you may want to start using some pieces of equipment. But, where do you start and why?


Why I love Resistance Bands

There are a number of reasons that I believe resistance bands are a great tool for mobile personal training. The first two are pretty obvious, they’re small and they’re light! You can take them anywhere without much fuss or having to think about extra bag space. This makes them an instant hit.

When it comes to physical training, there are a good few reasons I use them. Firstly, they are incredibly versatile, you can replicate pretty much every machine you find in the gym and can simulate multiple free weights exercises.

Secondly, the variable resistance means you can challenge yourself as much as needed, without multiple sets of kettlebells. The bonus here is that exercises can be adjusted to suit the needs of the client and exercise. You can use the same band for shoulder rehab, then double it up and use it as a strength exercise for a different movement.


Final Thoughts on Resistance Bands For Mobile Personal Trainers

As a mobile Personal Trainer in Berkshire, one thing I often find is that clients enjoy the variation between sessions. Being able to manipulate exercises through range of movement and resistance are crucial to this. Keeping sessions varied, yet targeting the same areas and goals means the client gets the best of both worlds.