Working in the fitness industry can be like any other job. There are good days and there are bad days.  Periods of growth and development versus periods of stagnation.  In an industry that relies on your ability to motivate others how do you keep it fresh enough to make a career of it?  As Ascot’s leading personal training company we’ve managed to stand the test of time in the medium term.  Here, fitness expert Nathan Kelly shares some insights on staying focussed and motivated as a personal trainer in Ascot.


It ain’t all sunshine and roses

No matter which way you look at it, there isn’t a job on the planet that is perfect.  Not only does every profession have aspects that are relatively dull (and not the reason for getting into the job in the first place), but there are also aspects that are extremely repetitive.  If we take the business of getting people fit then take your pick from the following of ultra boring activities:

  • Blogging – unless you’re a real ‘wordsworth’ you will get bored of your own opinions.  You’ll quickly exhaust your list of fitness topics and bugbears.  Now what?  Regurgitate information that’s already out there is one option.  Proper fitness is not rocket science and for that reason is quite dull.  Try balancing that with todays need to make everything extreme and social media worthy!
  • Invoicing – essential to bringing home the bacon but laborious as can be!  Set aside several hours to do this properly – getting your figures wrong is a sure fire way to looking unprofessional and alienating clients.  Not many people get into personal training and fitness because they love accounting and maths!  Gotta be done though.
  • Open 24/7 – get used to it.  The personal trainer in Ascot sells their time.  They have a limited amount of it too.  Fitness experts in Ascot get paid when they are coaching people.  However, there is a great deal of communication with clients outside of sessions too!  This often goes on into the evening and at the weekends.  Working for someone else means you can leave work and your time is your own.  As a freelance personal trainer you’re rarely off duty.  I’ve gotten better at turning my phone off lately (in fact there are some days when I actually hate the phone!!)
  • The same schedule week in and week out – there is no question that the expert personal trainer in Ascot must have a high boredom threshold!  Being expert requires the basics to be done well every single day, without fail.  If you’re true to your clients there will be a lot of similarities between clients – you must give clients what they need – even if it doesn’t ‘float your boat’ in terms of training expectations.

Next time …

So having covered a few of the less enthralling aspects of being a personal trainer in Ascot, in part 2 we can explore how to keep things fresh and combat the less interesting aspects of the profession.