Every job has pro’s and con’s.  The world of fitness and personal training in Ascot is no different.  In order to make a success of working in fitness you must take the good with the not so good.  In our last blog, we highlighted several aspects of the personal trainer role that are less glamorous.  How do fitness coaches combat against this to stay fresh and keep focussed upon the many rewarding aspects of being a personal trainer?


Personal training in Ascot

Staying on track from a business perspective is about maintaining perspective when it comes to the good and ‘not so good’ aspects of the job.  The rewarding, enjoyable aspects of the job far outweigh a few less exciting roles.  Organise the day and the week so that every day is biased towards the parts of the job that got you into it.  Chipping away at the ‘must do’ admin little and often can make it more manageable.  If sending invoices places you on the edge of life then consider outsourcing it.  A few hours of admin a month may be valuable for someone and allows the Ascot personal trainer to use their time more valuably.  Similarly, if you work as part of a team, divide the workload up to suit individuals strengths and weaknesses.


Work with clients that suit you

If your looking to deliver personal training in Ascot then do not expect to be all things to all people.  Every personal trainer has a unique set of skills suited to particular clientele.  Trying to meet the fitness needs of every kind of client is an impossible task.  For example, at NK Fitness we recognise that our skill set is not in body transformations over short time periods.  As a result we do market ourselves to these clients.  Effective personal trainers are genuinely interested in their clients.  Therefore, they form excellent and genuine relationships with these clients.  As a result, spending time, and working with, these clients remains interesting and a pleasure.


Keeping up to date

Maintaining continuous professional development is key to staying motivated and keeping the day to day grind fresh.  Updating your practice challenges knowledge and practice.  In turn, clients experience a more enthusiastic personal trainer, better programming and improved coaching.  Books, academic journals, good social media accounts, certificated courses and other expert personal trainers are all good ways to develop knowledge.


Scheduled Downtime

When personal training in Ascot the diary will ebb and flow.  The reality is that clients who can afford regular personal training sessions are likely to be off on holidays or work trips fairly frequently.  Therefore, a trainers weekly schedule will have quieter periods in.  As with all aspects of work, fitness and training we need downtime.  This can be very difficult to achieve when working for yourself.  The trap is to be thinking about work all of the time.  This is understandable as it’s ‘your baby’ so to speak.  However, just as with fitness training, recovery processes are integral to development.  Be sure to plan lighter weeks and holidays in addition to the natural ebb and flow of the diary.  These periods provide opportunity to develop business and grow.