Workout Music: What kind of music do you listen to when working out?

We all know that when we walk into a gym there is always going to be the rubbish normal chart music on. You’ll very rarely go to the gym and hear great workout music that’s going to up your game. You know that everyone is different, some people like Rock, some Hip Hop and some Pop. But I know that no one wants to listen to Ed Sheeran love songs over and over. Especially when they are trying to squat heavy or run fast. They need something to get their juices going.  

So the other day I was able to upgrade my phone and get Spotify for for a tiny price. And I realised that This is exactly what I needed to get a better workout in. I had so much variety of workout music at my fingertips. I managed to have a couple great warm up tracks, heavy lift tracks and even a mellow cool down track.

Warm up track

You need a warm up track, something to get you up and moving. If it’s for the walk to the gym or when you do your mobility work. There will always be that one track that you’ll want to listen to. Like lighting a spark, it always makes you feel that tingly sensation when listening to music.

Lifting healthy weights track

When you’re trying to go for a PB you’ll want a song that is going to make you push harder. For me this is either a heavy rock song or a Hip Hop song. But it’s going to have to make you dig deeper that you’ve dug before for it to be the track to make you better.

Running fast or sprinting track 

This track wants to be able to push you fast so the beat might have to be different. Everyone will be different for this. It will all depend on the type of person. For me it is a higher paced song.

Tempo or cardio track.

If you like to do cardio at the gym, there will be tracks that keep you going and make you forget you’re even running on the treadmill. Sometimes cardio cane hard mentally, so having a great song to listen to is a must if you want to get through the workout.

Cool down tracks 

Many people only listen to one type of music. whereas if you’re like me and listen to a range of music. The choice is all yours, I like to listen to something slow at the end of a workout whilst I stretch. It could be some reggae or some soul music. But that’s just me.

Last Note:

There are many different types of workout music that people like to listen too when working out. So personal training in Windsor, I know it can be difficult in the gyms to have a certain type of music on for your client. Unless you workout from home with them then you’ll be able to plan anything you want. And at NK Fitness that is exactly the type of thing that will be available to you in the privacy of your own home.