Improvement of a client will take different training approaches.

A personal trainer has a number of obligations to his/her client when the are training then for improvement. Where as every client is different so they will bring a different scenario with different needs. Many people just say they want to loose weight. This isn’t enough information for a a personal trainer. You have to say exactly what is needed for a trainer to make you improve. You might know how to exercise but don’t have the get up and go or you might need more knowledge.


Many client don’t have the motivation to get up of the sofa and go and do something. This is where the trainer has to jump in get them to want to get up and then go and workout. Usually it’s a behaviour or habit that need to be broken. For instance if you come home from work and straight away you’ve put yourself in that mood of ‘It’s time for me to relax’. This can me changed by you releasing how little effort it will take to drive to the gym or chosen location to meet your trainer and workout. This will put you in a different mind set. Knowing that you have done something good for yourself you can then go home and relax.


Some people just want you to be there so that you can set up the correct workout. This is the client that also asks a lot a questions because they want to lear about how they are training. Personal trainers like this client, well in my opinion I like this sort of client. It shows willingness to know what you are doing during the session which leads on to enthusiasm towards training. Improvement for these guys it going to come so easily because they will start to understand why they have to do a certain exercise or movement.


The client that needs the knowledge to improve is also a client that is interesting. They are the clients that has a specific goal to improve on. This can be from running fast, jumping higher, lifting heavier, pushing through a plateau or even how to lose weight. Once they know what to do. It is near impossible for these clients not to make improvement because they will want to practice in there own time. Making the sessions that the personal trainer has with them more enjoyable. On both sides because they can always be teaching something new or going over old exercises.

Last thought:

As a personal trainer Windsor, I treat every client differently. Every client is different and has different way of doing things. I have to take that into consideration before I set my approach in a session. Once I Know how they work, I can then start to tackle there goals and make improvements.