Help whilst training

When in the gym the other day I noticed 3 young lads woking out. They where doing Barbell calf raises after there leg session. One of the guys worked out often and the other two didn’t work out as much. The one who worked out was doing the exercise with the correct form. Whilst the other two where trying to keep up. This male bravado in the gym can be the cause of an injury. However the one that was more knowledgeable than the others told the other to lower the weight and focus more on form. This is the sort of help whilst training that everyone needs at a young age.

This is a great help whilst training for the first time. As a personal trainer in Windsor I liked hearing this. Due to the pear pressure to lift a heavier weight, it is never good to suffer from injury just because of ego. When he told them, he also told them what they were doing wrong. Which consequently made it easier for them to feel ok with lowering the weight.


I was quite fortunate when i was 14-15 years old I got a gym membership to use the cardio machines and body weight exercises. Whereas,  I always looked older than the others my age. Which made it easier for me to use the free weights at a younger age without being told off. I even asked the instructor or trainer in the gym to show me how to do a couple of the free weight correctly. He didn’t once ask me my age. This is just a precaution from gym owners to not let anyone under 16 go on the weights. Due to the insurance that they had at the time. Young people can use free weight in a controlled environment and get great benefits from it when done correctly.

So I got some guidance and help whilst training before I went to college. When I went to college I played basketball for the college team. As part of a team you’d get conditioning sessions that allowed you to get coached by a strength coach. To learn more specific movements to help with basketball. I still use a lot of the movements I learnt then today.

Being accountable

In a team you are accountable to turn up to all the sessions otherwise you down play in the next game. This is a great way to be responsible for your own actions. The team relies on everyone to turn up for a sessions to run the right way. Otherwise not everyone is conditioned the same and you become the weak link.

This is a great way to motivate a team of people that you want to get fit. In a group training session or Bootcamp if you don’t turn up one week. Your excuse best be good and reasonable otherwise you will be scrutinised. You won’t want to be scrutinised for anything. Especially if you where being lazy that day.

Getting your family involved

You should let your family know what you are training for if you want them to help. They will ask you when you are going to the gym or sports club. If you consistent with training and consider not going one day. They will ask you why and if your family is anything like mine. I was always asked why I wasn’t at basketball training or not a the gym. Not just by my family but by my friends.  This makes you think differently and you might end up going to that training session instead of staying at home not doing anything constructive.

Last thought:

Personal training Windsor has been my background for a long time now so I know what can work and what doesn’t work. Having someone help whilst training is the best way to find results. This can be in the form of a training partner. The other keeps other training partner accountable or if you train with a personal trainer they will keep you accountable to your goals.