Slow release carbohydrates

A slow release carbohydrates is an energy source for the body to use that is released slowly into the body. Your body breaks these carbs down slowly into sugars and then they are released into the body.  You can find slow releasing carbohydrates everywhere in the supermarket. Some of these are grains, oats, quinoa, fresh non tropical fruit, sweet potatoes, and non starchy veg. However, these carbs might seam alien to you. Surprisingly the non starchy veg that I’m talking about are ones like broccoli, asparagus, onion, spinach or carrots. As a personal trainer in Windsor I add these into nearly every meal of my day.

Fast release carbs

A fast releasing carb is one that is quickly used in the body as fuel and doesn’t need to be broken down in the body. These are high glycemic carbs and are made of refined flower/sugar,white potatoes, pastries, some tropical fruit and rice. These are the carbs that usually taste really good and are easily eaten in the form of cake or chocolate.

What sugar does to our body

When you eat sugary products our body releases insulin into the blood stream to balance the bodies blood sugar levels. Once the insulin has done its job your bodies blood sugar props again leaving you feeling drained and hungry. This is the sort of feeling you will get if your body has eaten to much sugar to quickly and hasn’t had time to use it. Making your body feeling useless and only fit for the sofa. When this cycle is continued over a long period of time. The bodies ability to produce insulin fails making you a type 2 diabetic. Your body will start to build up its fat reserves and you wont feel like your able to do anything. Sugar can be a very scary food when consumed to much.

When to eat the right carbohydrates

When doing exercise (Fast release):

If your ever felt like going for a run in Virginia Water or Windsor great park but you don’t have the energy to do the run. Your bod will need fuel, you will have to decide what type of carbohydrates are needed for your run. This is when fast release carbs can be used to give you that energy because its going to be used.

Just before bed or when your not exercising (Slow release):

When your just about to go to bed people make bad choices. These usually are in the form of milk chocolate which is a fast release sugar and will be spike insulin fast without you being able to use the energy. It is then stored as fat.

What you should do in the evening is eat protein and low glycemic carbohydrates like fresh vegetables that will be broken down slowly. These wont spike your insulin and will leave your body without weight gain.

Last thought:

What I have done in the past is order a Riverford fruit and veg box and included my healthy nutrition for the week. They deliver right to your door and its all organic fresh produce. Some weeks you don’t know what you’ll get because it always changes with the season.