Sports & fitness documentaries are a great insight into our industry. They point the spotlight on athletes and before unseen areas of performance and lifestyle. However, many fitness documentaries like to show all the glamorous parts of training and competing. I feel Mat Fraser summed it up quite well when stating, “Nobody wants to see me missing lifts in my basement”. I can’t remember the exact quote, but you get the gist of it!

There are way more than 3 documentaries I would love you to watch. However, these are my current top 3 suggestion. These are not necessarily my favourite, simply 3 I think may open people eyes or challenge a way of thinking. Anyway, here they are (in no particular order).


1: Icarus

Looking into doping and sports performance, amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel unwittingly enters the whirlwind that was the Russian doping scandal. You could be forgiven for watching this and thinking it was actually a Cinematic thriller, as the story unfolds its actually quite difficult to believe what is happening.

I don’t want to say too much as it is just so interesting to watch! If you’ve got Netflix I suggest you watch it ASAP.

Netflix Link Here


2: Eddie – Strongman

Step into the world of Eddie Hall, international strongman competitor and recently crowned Worlds Strongest Man. The documentary is your typical format of follow the athlete in the lead up and aftermath of a number of competitions.

The reason I feel this is must watch is because it highlights a few major points about modern day sport. Despite being the Worlds Strongest Man, we see Eddie Hall struggle to earn sponsorships and survive solely on his sports performance. I feel you really get a sense of the sacrifice and hard work it can take to become the very best within a sport – Without a whirlwind of media, sponsorship and global recognition.

Netflix Link Here


3: Froning – Fittest Man in History

Rich Froning has won the CrossFit Games 4 times in a row. If you still like to bash CrossFit, watch this. I’m not going to say much else… The man has won it 4 times in a row!! 4 Times!!!

Netflix Link Here


Personal Training in Richmond, London means I come into contact with a massive variation of sports and athletes. The thing that separates the great from the good is often all the little “boring” things they do. Within these documentaries you get to see a glimpse of these, be it good or bad. They provide a nice insight and may change your opinion on a number of things! Why not give them a watch and find out for yourself.