One of the most valuable factors in realising your fitness goals is consistency of training.  Ask any of Londons top personal trainers.  We are what we repeatedly do.  Repeating exercise several times a week will result in improvements in fitness over prolonged periods of time.  Of course, some types of conditioning are more effective than others and it all depends what the end goal is for each individual. There are lots of factors that will influence how quickly someone progresses, or how fast they see results and get fit!  Despite these variables, if you don’t train consistently, then you are unlikely to see results.  Think of how many people you know who have started a new fitness campaign with vigour, only to be inactive or injured a few weeks later!  Developing sustainable health and fitness requires something less ‘Gung Ho’, and consistency is key.


Consistency for London’s Top Personal Trainers

Most personal trainers will appreciate the need for consistency of training with their clients.  However, in an industry where we see a very high turnover of personal trainers consistency is crucial to business success.  Many of London’s top personal trainers openly advertise that they are celebrity trainers.  Being the fitness coach to someone in the public eye certainly helps to raise the profile.  Similarly, training some of London’s wealthiest clients is also good for the bank balance.  However, not every personal trainer can work with celebrities and the social elite.

At NK Fitness we have been fortunate enough to work with high profile clients in the public eye or their respective fields.  Although cliche, many of these clients were just as down to earth and straightforward to train as people not in the social or business spotlight.  High end clients can place several demands on your personal training business that must be carefully managed:

  • Hectic travel and business schedules can make contact sporadic.  This has implications for your weekly schedule and taking on new clients.  Many celebrities will have periods where they simply cannot train due to work and travel commitments.  Without charging a retainer fee you are ‘out of pocket’ during these periods.  Leaving enough time to accommodate them on their return can make it challenging to take on new clients.
  • Several celebrities and high flyers will want consistency with their training.  And rightly so.  This may mean travelling with them which is a total hand grenade for your regular home based business.  This is before considering the impact upon your own home, family and social commitments.

The value of organic growth

High profile clients provide a fantastic shop window and advertising platform for your personal training skill set.  However, there is real value in clients who can provide you and your business with a regular and consistent income.  Consistent clients allow you to build a reliable and stable diary.  This in turn will allow your business to grow and your clients to see the benefits of consistent training.  Customers who get results are an excellent advert for your skills and services.  This can only be a good thing when it comes to growing organically.


Hiring one of London’s Top Personal Trainers is not the cheapest form of getting fit.  For many it’s a significant financial investment.  Those who take the decision to spend a large part of their disposable income on their health are more likely to stick at it and be reliable.  Those for whom the money is not a factor can lack such accountability and therefore drive!