Fitness Beginner: What you need to know when beginning a fitness routine

There are a lot of things that you have to understand when your a fitness beginner trying to get into a regime that is specific to you. I don’t think a lot of people know these even though they may seem like common sense.

Don’t make your fitness routine to ambitious

If you are starting from the complete beginning you wont be able to do a 5 day routine in the gym. Its just not achievable, its like a baby running before it can walk. You could start with as little as a 20 minute walk each day. The more walking you do the easier it will be.

Your starting from the beginning, your not lazy

People will call you lazy for not doing any exercise or that you only walk 20 minutes a day. In reality if you walk 20 minutes a day it is enough strain for YOUR body to workout to. A more experienced person would find it hard to get any results from walking for 20 minutes. The more conditioned your body is the more workload it will need.

Don’t compare yourself to others

If you compare yourself to others who has been working on there physique for 5 years you will feel ashamed of yours. You are a work in progress just like they are, he/she is just on a different level to you. Complete the levels, then you can start to compare.

Having questions is normal

These answers might be a revelation for you to understand why you need to do HIIT training or why I’m squatting for 10 reps. The best way to get answers is to ask a personal trainer in (Windsor), this way you will get a direct answer. Instead of looking at so many answers on the internet, which can be overwhelming.

Stick to an achievable routine

If you look at your training routine and you don’t want to go to the gym. Then its the wrong training routine for you. If you set a goal of loosing 3 stone before your friends wedding in a month. The likelihood is that you wont achieve it. Take time over your training, if you want to look a certain way set yourself that goal for a year. It will come as more achievable and sustainable. then you wont have to worry about weight issues in the future.

Track your progress

We see progress on paper and get even more motivated. I would suggest keeping a record of measurements, fat percentages, pictures and fitness tests results.  This will show your progress throughout your training.

Count your victories

When you achieve a goal you feel good. I would reward myself with something I enjoy. Set a reward at the beginning of each training block. If you reach your goal you can allow yourself that reward.

You then regard achievements with reward. a reward has to be earn’t therefore work has to be put in.