Fitness/Nutrition: 6 tips to stay fit and healthy with a little time frame

The world today has a hard time staying in touch with their fitness/nutrition because we are so busy. Then comes the part of having to eat a healthy diet. If your not training it’s good to keep a healthy diet. I don’t see why people find this part so hard.  I suppose it come down to the time factor again. The common aspects of all the fit and healthy people in this world is that they manage their time.

Fitness tips:

Have a time quota for your exercise

Having a time quota for exercise is a great tool for engagement. Once your in your exercise space you know that you have to put in the work. The exercise quota can be as little as 25 minutes. For example if your going to do a Tabata workout of 40 seconds on 20 seconds off. Pick 4-5 exercises and do them for the required time for 4-5 rounds.

Make time

Having the excuse that you don’t have the time to exercise is like telling yourself you dont have time to eat. Everyone has time to complete a workout during their day. The time is made, that’s the difference between the people that do and the people that don’t workout. I suggest setting yourself a time to workout every other day and keep yourself to that time.

Only do what you have planned

You will feel great when you have done what you had planned. Once its done you can focus on the other important parts of life knowing that you have your fitness in check.  Keeping time during your workout will make it easier to manage so you can fit it in during your lunch break or after work before you go home.

Nutrition Tips:

Cook healthy meal in bulk

As a personal trainer in Windsor I tend to not have lots of time to cook. So what I do is cook my meals in bulk and freeze them. I then have healthy fast food for an easy meal. All that have to be done is the meal has to be placed in the oven.

Make lunch the night before

Whilst your making dinner in the evening its a good idea to make extra for lunch the next day. It doesn’t have to be the same size as your dinner. This is a great way to get a nourishing meal in during the day without having to go to the shop at lunchtime.

Learn to make healthy fast food

Looking up different meal ideas that are really nutritious. When you don’t have time to cook you can use the frozen meals. What I do is make sure I have some curry in the freezer so that it takes me 10 minutes to cook rice and heat up the meal.

Last word

Once you start to use these simple tips you will start to become more efficient in your fitness and nutrition part of life. You will start to feel fitter and healthier as a result.