NK Fitness are delighted to announce that they have strengthened their working relationship with Charters School.  Based in Sunningdale, the specialist sports college provides a comprehensive P.E. curriculum for all pupils.  It also offers a range of support to its talented high performing young athletes.   For the past year NK Fitness have offered out of hours clubs in speed & agility as well as strength & conditioning.  For the 2017-2018 academic year NK Fitness will offer two high performing young athletes a years worth of full S&C support.  Termed a Strength & Conditioning Award the selected athletes will receive support with goal setting, programme planning and nutrition.  The athletes will also receive one to one S&C coaching to ensure that they get the most from the programme.


The importance of eliminating chance for high performing young athletes

Understanding of youth performance and how to maximise a young persons talent is improving all the time.  Training and competition schedules, coaching practices and safety protocols are improving all the time.  Applied research into high performing young athletes and children’s fitness is filtering down to the grassroots via national governing bodies of sport.  A great example from rugby union is the HeadCase initiative, which educates coaches regarding head injury in the sport.  From recognising symptoms through to managing a return to play, HeadCase provides very clear education and guidance for parents and coaches.  However, despite the increasing knowledge pool, we still have a lot to learn when it comes to maximising talent.

The path of the high performing young athlete through to the senior ranks is rarely straightforward.  All to often chance factors play too big a role.  Having the right coach, being spotted by the right scout and remaining injury free are just a few examples of chance factors.  There are many more.  Young athletes already identified may have access to broader support services such as expert youth strength & conditioning.  In turn this will accelerate their individual development.  But what about the layer of athletes just below?  Those athletes that show promise but simply haven’t been ‘picked up’ by the system?  The NK Fitness Strength & Conditioning Award will help to eliminate some of the chance for these athletes.  By taking the guess work out of S&C the athlete is free to focus on performance.


The importance of ‘giving back’ in youth sport

The concept of ‘giving back’ in sport is well established.  For the vast majority sport, physical education and fitness are simply hobbies.  However, some are lucky enough to be able to earn their living from it.  Recognising this privilege is important.  From volunteers and parents who offer endless hours of encouragement and travel through to coaches who give an athlete a break.  Working in sport can be fantastic, no matter how short lived.  NK Fitness hopes that the Strength & Conditioning Award will make a significant difference to those high performing young athletes that receive it.  We look forward to reporting on how it goes for them.