“You can’t make the club from the tub” is an expression used in elite American Football.  If you’re injured then you’re less likely to play.  All the time that you are not playing your chances of being reselected are diminishing.  This is the perception of players in these programmes anyway.  Who knows how much truth there is in it.  Similarly I can’t yet perform a nice bar muscle up.  This will remain the case for as long as I do not practice them!  100% of people who don’t practice bar muscle ups, don’t make bar muscle ups.  Someone reminded me of this at the weekend.  Simple but so very powerful.  Cue review of training schedule!  The same sentiment exists for those people throughout Fulham wanting to improve their fitness.  Are you doing anything about it?  Experienced Fulham Personal Trainer Nathan Kelly looks at the need to take action.


Getting fit in Fulham is not easy

The challenges faced by Fulham’s busy population make exercise difficult.  Those who are already Fulham fitness fanatics will already place daily exercise towards the top of the ‘must do’ list.  They’re easy to spot.  Pounding the pavements of Parsons Green Lane or using the outdoor gym at Bishops Park all before most have gotten out of bed.  For those that don’t have this regime instilled, building from nothing can be hard.  Fulham is full of young professionals and young professional families.  The demands of leafy city living often dictate long hours at work, with early starts and draining journeys to and from the office.  At this time of year the light is also closing in.  So if exercise, simply isn’t your bag then the thought of a physical beasting in the dark holds little appeal!


Two must do’s from your Fulham Fitness Coach

However, as an experienced Fulham personal trainer, you have to do something.  Doing nothing in these circumstances will not change your circumstances.  In fact, doing nothing is likely to make your situation worse!  The first port of call is therefore take action.  Any type of physical activity will do, as long as it’s more than you typically do.  Do not be put off by the Fulham fitness brigade and their hardcore workouts and bright lycra.  Walking is fine to start with.

Once you’re up and moving more, get several sessions under your belt.  Build a habit.  This takes time and is not easy.  There are no short cuts.  Let me just say that again.  THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS.  This is a hard concept to grasp when we can get everything else at the tough of a button.  Unfortunately,  our body’s are fairly similar to how they were in the caveman days.  Our shopping and eating habits may have evolved, but the rate at which our bodies respond to training hasn’t!  So stick it out.


It will get easier in some ways

If you start exercising and stick at it, things do get better.  Tasks of day to day living become easier.  If you combine it with controlled eating as well then you may also see improvements in body shape too.  Exercise sessions with your experienced Fulham personal trainer will not feel easier though.  However, you will be doing more to feel that way.  Over time you may just enjoy it!