Personal training is a weird and wonderful world. In my opinion, how and when clients find you is some what irrelevant. I want to know why, why do you want a personal training? Whether I am working as Personal Trainer in Twickenham, London or a Strength Coach in Devon, some things remain the same. Throughout the years there have been a couple of goals that keep popping up. The most common, is a want to install healthy lifestyle habits, other than “I want to look good naked!”. The key to ensuring longevity occurs from consistent linear progression.


What are Linear Progression & Longevity

Longevity simply means long life. However, I am talking about a long healthy life. One in which you have the ability to run around with your grand children and not rely on others to complete simple tasks for you.

Linear Progression to me is a continual improvement. Improvement in movement, mobility, strength, health, nutrition, performance and any other aspect of health and well being you deem important. I don’t want huge peaks and troughs, I want a progressive, positive enhancement in your standard of living.


But I Want Results Quickly

One problem you may encounter? It takes time. Yes, there may be faster ways to cut fat. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) every morning is certainly going to get that body fat moving and decreasing. Unfortunately, it simply is not sustainable. I have seen multiple people get fantastic results only to fall of the wagon, whether by injury, overtraining, fatigue or loss of motivation.

I’m not saying they cannot be part of your training! In fact i think they are an essential component but should be exactly that, a component. A well rounded, balanced approach will provide stronger, stable foundations.


The Stimulus Must Change

The danger with linear progression is that you as an athlete may become bored with your routine or reach a plateau. The answer is simple, adjust your stimulus but keep an eye on the results. You keep yourself pointing in the same direction, yet your motivation and commitment to the cause are renewed.


Examples of Different Stimulus

I bang on about strength a lot, so enjoy these variations on how to apply your stimulus!

Wendell 5/3/1
German Volume Training
Conjugate Training Plan