In an age where consumerism is rampant what do you buy the man or woman that seems to have everything?  At this point some turn to the gift of fitness by buying a loved one some personal training sessions.  Each year at NK Fitness, Ascot’s leading personal trainers, we get enquiries about gifting PT.  They can be h’hit and miss’ in their success, so we’ve put together a quick guide to successful gifting of PT.


Who is the personal training gift for?

Remember when you were a kid and you brought your siblings the gifts that you wanted?  Well that happens more than you think with PT.  Before you choose a personal training gift make sure they want it.  You may well want them to get fitter and improve their health but that doesn’t mean they’re ready for a course of personal training.  Imagine being forced to go to PE every day!  Now imagine that as your Christmas present!!  If the recipient hasn’t already said they want it, then make some subtle enquiries to gauge their thoughts before taking the plunge.


Shop around available personal trainers

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to personal trainers in Ascot.  Most, if not all, are happy to answer your enquiries, and give an insight into how they work.  It pays to shop around and find the one that you feel will be the best fit for your loved one.  This may not be the cheapest option.  However, always opting for the cheapest option may not prove to be the most cost effective when you come to assess progress made.


Offer a choice of personal training gift

Narrow down potential fitness trainers to a few that you feel fit the bill.  The recipient can then choose the one they feel is going to get the best out of them.  Teamwork in personal training is integral to success.  Choosing the PT with the personality and skill set that suits you and your needs is so important.  Of course, the festive and New Year period can be extremely busy and so you may run the risk of losing available slots if you hold off until after Christmas to actually commit.  Be prepared to go onto a waiting list if needed.


Support them on their journey

Sourcing a good trainer is an important factor.  However, any success in reaching fitness goals requires the support of people around the ‘athlete’.  Make time for them to fit training sessions into their day and week on a regular basis.  Encourage and congratulate on progress made.  Simply buying a personal training gift is just the start.  Offering support and motivation once they get started can be far more influential to success.