If you think back through the years, how has your fitness training changed? Has it evolved at all and why was that?  As a Personal Fitness Trainer in Ascot let me take you back through my own recent fitness training history.


“What on earth are you doing all this fitness training for?”


The words of the Mother-In-Law. The year 2010 and I’ve just returned home from a cycle ride. I remember feeling a being a little indignant at the time, after all what sort of a question was that?  In reality she had a point.   There was no goal other than a loosely formed desire to hold on to the sorts of fitness training I used to make highly tuned athletes do in the past.  I was simply repeating methods that I had learned and performed in the past.


Unlike the international hockey players chasing Olympic selection and Commonwealth Games medals, the difference for me in 2010 was that I had no direction.  My fitness programme was simply a watered down version of these team sports fitness programmes.   The content wasn’t even appropriate to looking good.  By doing only training that I enjoyed I was making the same mistake as a large part of the exercising population because there was a complete mismatch between what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve.


Fitness training that’s up to date

Thankfully, things have moved on these days as I work towards preparing myself for some generic fitness contest during 2017. There is nothing like the fear of publicly humiliating yourself to add some clarity to your training vision!  My own personal training has altered considerably, even within the last 12 months.  Gone are the weeks comprising 4 days of heavy compound lifts.  We’ve introduced more Olympic lifting, gymnastics, mobility basic training and load carrying drills.  My Ascot personal training colleagues Toby Williamson and David Thomas have a significant input into all programme design – after all three heads are better than 1!  Coaches, scientists and workout warriors the world come up with innovative methods of training all of the time.  Through a process of informed decision along with trial and error these methods can also lead to evolution in your fitness training.


The old routine hasn’t been a waste of time at all.  In fact, it provided me with a good platform of strength upon which to develop the Olympic lifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning.  there is plenty of work to be done to transfer of strength to power and to build a power endurance engine!  The breadth of my fitness training now presents numerous planning challenges to ensure that all areas of fitness develop at the appropriate rate.   This so often called  the ‘art of personal training programme design’.   Designing the optimal fitness training programme is one of the most important roles at NK Fitness.  If you would like our expert Ascot Personal Trainers design a better programme for you then please contact us here.