Pt Christmas Gift: Why give personal training as a gift experience

Giving a PT Christmas gift is something that the recipient can use for more than just once. If you but a block of sessions for a family member of spouse. Then you will hear more than just one thank you. You will hear a multiple of thank you’s as they go through the training programme the personal trainer has prepared for them. It is great to see someone change and you can give an opportunity for a loved one to have that opportunity. You can be the spark that they have been looking for to ignite their flame that is fitness.

Sparks a new lifestyle 

If the recipient of the gift has been looking to change their lifestyle, then this is the best start. They will be informed on what foods are best to eat, what exercises and lifestyle factors they have to change and how their fitness knowledge will be changed forever. Sparking a friends with a PT Christmas gift isn’t just a gift that gets left on the side or put in a box. It’s a memory stored away forever and they will thank you for it for years to come.

Helps someone you might need help but wouldn’t ask for it.

You may find that many people don’t ask for help with fitness goals. They think that it’s easy and therefore might be doing the wrong thing. Getting professional help will increase the chances of your family member getting to their goals. They might be embarrassed or not able to afford it. Being embarrassed is the main one I hear as a personal trainer. You can’t get anywhere when you have an ego. So for this instance in your life set it aside and go with what the trainer has to say. Your friends and family have got your back and not you’ve got a personal trainer who will help you through the ties that are the toughest.

Shows them that you care 

If you have great friends and family, then they will care about you. This includes the lifestyle choices that you may have. If your friend eats to much or drinks too much. Then you know this isn’t good for their health and you’ll be able to see that over time. You will want to help them and if you know a way then you should suggest it or show them. Personal training can have great benefits not just losing weight but also lowering blood pressure, increasing cardiovascular health, increasing bone density, helping diabetes, increasing mood, increasing hormone production and many more. Exercise is a natural way to help our bodies feel better which in essence is a goal to helping not just weigh loose but also mental health.

You might be worried about a family member’s health 

You might be overweight or heading towards some sort of weight related illness. However, your friends will want to help you through this and one of the ways can be to give you this gift. You might not even like it at the start because that’s the toughest stage. But you will start to love it and it will change your life forever.

How it can effect someone’s life:

After you have bought the PT Christmas gift for someone and given it to them they will embark on a journey that all my clients embark on. It is time to work on your health and wellbeing to invest some time in you. After having some sessions with the trainer they will start to feel different and think differently about themselves. This is the spark they have been waiting for and if they can maintain the momentum with the trainer for a sustained period of time. It will become a behaviour change for life.

You would have changed their life and they will thank you of the rest of their life.