Resistance training is a great tool for developing strength, power, endurance and increasing muscle mass. However, it is important that your training match your goals?  Putting the body through suitable demands will allow for optimal progression. The physical stress required to develop different areas of health, fitness and performance differ greatly. Have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve and adjust your training accordingly.


Resistance Training Basic Outline

Check out the table below for an idea of trying protocols.

Resistance Training Intensities

It is important to remember that there is going to be a margin of change from source to source. This is purely a guideline for you to work from.


Mix Things up

So you have your basic protocols and have implemented them into your training. This does not mean training has to be boring. Mix things up to keep the body guessing! I’m not saying you have to do 2 sets of 20 reps followed by 2 sets of 2. Simply make sure there is some variation within the guidelines to keep the body stimulated.


As an Expert Personal Trainer in Twickenham I commonly find myself in conversations about the latest method of training or this new crazy scheme for sets and reps. I have personally got caught up with these in the past, and yes they have their place. However I always come back to basics and try to remember one thing. . . Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it is the simplest sessions that are the best.