Summer is coming: What to do to have a summer body all year round

This is the time of year when people start to think about a summer body to look good on their holiday. If this sort of cycle happens to you every year. There is something that has to change in the 4 quarters of the year. The summer quarter is the one that you like to wear a bikini or shorts. This doesn’t mean the other 3 quarters  are the one’s you don’t need to look good and feel good.

It feels good not having to think about working out to look good for the summer. It is actually much easier to sustain your summer body once you have it. So you don’t have to kill yourself every year when the summer is on the horizon.

Sustaining your summer body

Instead of having to eat really healthily and working to hard in the gym every day for 2 months straight. You can eat reasonably healthy and workout 2-3 days per week to keep your body in shape throughout the whole year. All it takes is a little grit an determination throughout the year. Keep a gym membership or a personal trainer once a week to keep you motivated and you will be in much better shape in a years time.

Take the stress off

The stress and per pressure to make sure you look good for that summer holiday can be overwhelming. The body can hold onto the fat you are trying to lose when over stressed. This is another reason to make the time variable longer to look good and to not be restricted to the time when you go on holiday.

What happens after the holiday

If you workout all year round it will be easy to go back to exercising. It will be something to look forward to even. Whereas if you only workout for the holiday you see the beginning of the holiday as the end of the workout routine. Like you have reached a goal, this isn’t sustainable because when the next holiday comes along you might be even heavier. This will mean more hard work 2 months before the holiday.

Last note

As a personal trainer in Windsor my suggestion to you is to keep your healthy eating and exercise consistent to maintain your summer body. This will mean no more dieting and no more crash exercising. You wont have to feel guilty when you enjoy a nice meal out because you know you’re healthy.