Intro: Time restriction

Being a personal trainer you have time restrictions during your day especially when you want to workout. This is the same for man professions. You’re key is to make a little bit of time and get the workout done. I’m going to explain a couple ways you can still get a great workout within a limited time restriction.

Complex routine

A complex routine is usually done with Olympic lifts, these are when you put together a number of movements and performs them throughout your workout. You can put a number of different barbell movements together to get a full body workout. The movements can be power, speed and even hypertrophy/strength based. This kind of workout will also get your hearth rate up especially if you’re working for long periods of time.

Giant sets

A giant set can be focused on one area of your body. You have to set an area up in your gym to work on a body part. This can be upper body or lower body. The sets could also be set up into specific body parts. If you would like.

A giant set is 4-5 exercises performed on a chosen body part. You have minimal to no rest in between exercises to be able to maximise stimulus for the session and to break down the time.


A tri-set is similar to a giant set. Except for using 4-5 exercises you use 3 exercises in the same way. This will give you more focus for the muscle to fatigue. Increasing the strain on the particular muscle.

However, the sets on these are very demanding and you must be quite conditioned already to be able to get through them without injury. So, make sure you take adequate rest between the whole giant set or tri-set.

Cross fit based WOD 

Another great way to get in a workout is to use a cross fit WOD. They have a number of names for their WODs with a number of great exercises. You can sometimes perform these at home or at the gym depending on the exercises involved. Be sure to check out some WODs to add into your workout if you are under a time restriction.

Last thought:

As a personal trainer in Windsor, I add a number of these routines into training for my clients. They are an effective way to push the body to its limit. Which give great results, so if you want to give your programme a change or you have got a work time restriction. Look up some of the sets I have spoken about to keep your workout fresh.