Food = success all the time

What is the fuel you need?

If you think about all the bad decisions, you have made in your life. It can come down to one thing. You being really hungry at the time. All you can think of is having food in your stomach and not the decision your just about to make.

You need to fuel your body correctly to be able to make a good decision that puts you in a greater position. If you’re not hungry whilst making a decision. Most likely you will make the right decision.

You need great fuel to make a great decision

When I talk about food, I don’t just mean the fats kind you get at the fast food chains. I mean proper food that you grow and buy at the butchers or the fruit & veg section at the super market.

My Mum has taught me from a young age to eat a healthy diet. Which includes all the different sources of nutrition. So, from this I have made sure that I’m a healthy human being.

I even learnt from my Grandad that growing nutritious food in the garden is the best way to get the best nutrients in your diet. Knowing that the soil has nutrients in it to grow. I learnt this over the weekends I spend helping him. That is a learning experience I will never forget and thank him for.

But bad food in and make bad decisions

Going for bad food choices will lead you to not only weight gain but bad decisions. Whereas this is a little bit like a HUH moment for some people. The bad food that goes in your body might give you energy but it won’t give you the vitamins and minerals your body is crying out for.

You see the bad fast food diets in the western world mainly. Because we lead fast lives and seem to have no time to cook. Or is it just them being lazy and not wanting to actually put in effort.

If you look at the Caribbean, Mediterranean or other countries that aren’t as westernised. You see that the diets are mainly put together with foods that come from the ground, the sea or land. They are whole foods that aren’t processed and give you what you need.

Last thought:

Whilst I’ve been Personal training in Windsor, I find that getting people results just through exercises alone doesn’t cut it. You have to change the way you eat, I have been trying different ways in which to get my clients to start eating different vegetables and to change the way they eat. For example, eating the wrong foods at the same time won’t get you the results you want. Changing just a couple of habits in your diet can change a lot about how you look like. Are you willing to make the change to help yourself?