This is a bit of a personal post! I once had someone comment on an online advert of mine, it went a little bit like this; “Why would I pay for something I can find online?”. Here is why I feel a personal trainer is worth it.

I won’t lie, it got to me a little. With the amount of information on the internet today you could make that comment about any service or product in the world. So why take the time to comment on my post? Seems a little pointless to me! However rather than rant I thought I would write this post to actually answer the question of WHY would you pay? So here goes.

Yes, there is a huge amount of information out there, but that’s half of the problem. Theres is so much out there where do you even start? How do you know what is good advice and what isn’t? There is also no way of knowing (unless specifically stated) if the information is actually aimed at you or suitable for you. All this generally leads to cherry picking and sticking to what you know. If you don’t understand something or are unsure, you’re probably not going to try it out, so you will stay in your comfort zone and quite likely not progress.

There is also no follow up, feedback or observation when you simply read something online. How do you know if you are even doing it right? If you have nobody around who can feed information and advice back to you, you are less likely to progress.

So get a trainer, pay someone to coach you online via video and consultation. Use their knowledge, it’s what they are there for, what they are trained to do. You should be challenged, taken out f your comfort zone, coached proper technique and progress. As a result, you are far more likely to progress and achieve your goals.


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