Changing yourself for the better: Who took my cheese?

You might be thinking of why I’m talking about cheese and what its got to do with personal training or changing yourself. Well “who moved my cheese” is a book about how change is good. And the only way to achieve something new is to change. The story is irelivant in a fitness sense. However, you can relate the principles in the story to fitness and anything else in life.

The story.

It’s a story about two mice and two little people who go out into a maze to find cheese. The both work really hard to find their cheese. Eventually they do find an abundance of cheese. they eat at this section in the maze for quite some time until the day comes when the cheese runs out. They didn’t even realise it was going and better still they didn’t even realise it was going off. So when it was gone and the two mice turned up, they quickly made a decision to go and find new cheese. Which they did.

The two little people turned up to the maze and didn’t find any cheese. They started to dwell on the fact that the cheese might come back because why should they change. To go hunting for more cheese. There was a problem in this way of thinking because the cheese didn’t come back and they got hungry. Until the day when one of the little people decided to make a change and go out and find more cheese. This made him feel young and fulfilled again. It took him time to find new cheese but he found more than he ever could have imagined. In fact he found the two mice there two. whereas the other little person stayed at the only cheese area starving and not willing to change.

Changing yourself, why?

The moral of the story is that if you are willing to change you will survive. The further you think about doing something good the farther you will be away from the actually success. This is how you can relate it to fitness. If you want to start a fitness regime or even change what you are doing because your not seeing results. You have to do something about it. Don’t stay in the consort zone because like the little person in the story. Nothing happened to him whilst his friends and the two mice went on to find new cheese.

A little bit of hard work and effort can lead you to amazing places in your fitness. If you have reached a plateau in your training it is time to change straight away. Once you realise be productive and change what you are going.

As a personal trainer

Personal training in Windsor, As a trainer if I find that a client needs to change they way we are doing something then we will change it. Most of the time they might not even know they have changed what they are training. Which is the beauty of having a trainer. If 10 reps aren’t getting any results then we might do 15 or change the weight up. Try new movements that you might be able to do now that you have lost some weight and gained some strength. The possibilities are endless and when you have succeeded the trainer will tell you. Remember 2 months ago when you could only do 5 of those and now you can do 12. That is a results worth celebrating.