Overtraining and fatigue can cripple any athlete, especially anyone at the amateur level. Trying to work a full time job and put the hours in will build up overtime. Why not try out these simple tips to avoid overtraining and fatigue.


1. Adjust Training Load

Listen to your body, yes you need to stimulate and overlap your system. However, do not so hard you begin to break down. Make sure your training loads support you as an individual. If you have a coach, make sure you communicate effectively.


2. Avoid Monotony

Mix things up and keep your training varied. Not only will this keep the body prepared via varying stimulus, it will keep your mind fresh and focused. Check out these barbell complexes for full body conditioning.


3. Be Aware of External Stressors

Many of us use the gym as our time to escape. Don’t let the outside bring down the walls of your happy place. Read more on adding deload weeks to your training if external pressure is going to be high!


4. Optimise You’re Recovery

This is such a simple thing to do. If you’re training hard, you must put the time aside to allow your body to recover.

I’m not asking you to do all of the above, they are just examples of the type of things you should be thinking about. If I had to pick 2 to insist on, it would be nutrition and sleep.


Final Note

Nk Fitness offer Leading Personal Trainers in Twickenham, London. We really do want to get the best out of you and optimise our time together. If you are arriving at session fatigued and still going at it like a cat in a crowd of pigeons you are going to burn out. Use these 4 simple tips to stay at the top of your game every time we see you!