At the end of the 16/17 Premier League season, a total of 166 hamstring injuries had been recored.  That is a whopping 15 % of all injures! I think the thing that strikes me most about this is the fact we are talking about elite sport. These players are exposed to a limitless supply of strength and conditioning, recovery and physiotherapeutic facilities.

I can imagine that as you look lower down the leagues there will be a similar trend. It is possible that lower league players will not move so dynamically and at such great velocities. However, I would put money on hamstring injuries (recouping or new) being a major factor in all team sport clubs.


Does Previous Injury Effect Performance

Not necessarily, with correct rehabilitation, performance can return and even improve. Unfortunately, hamstring injuries do change the make up of an athletes muscles as the season progresses.

A recent study looked at the effects of previous injury on hamstring length throughout a season. Aussie rules players without prior injuries showed no change in length across the season. In contrast, players with prior injury showed shorter hamstring length at the close of the season.

If you want to read more into the study, please click here.


Injury Risk

Tight or short hamstrings can have a major effect on your performance and general standard of life! A common risk would be that your pelvis and hips will tilt backward. in turn, causing the lower back to round unnaturally, leading to lower back pain. In addition to this, pain in the sacroiliac joint may be a result of your hamstrings not being flexible enough.

These risks increase once you add in acceleration top end sprinting, turning and kicking. Basically anything you do in team sports!


Final Note

If you have a history of injury, DO YOUR REHAB. PROPERLY. if not, DO PREHAB. PROPERLY. As Expert Personal Trainers in Richmond, London, we have a vast experience in dealing with hamstring injuries. Pre, current or post injuries are something we work with regularly. If you would have an old injury or are worried you may be at risk, please get in touch.