I feel 99% of people that read this post will be able to relate to multiple aspects. You’ve been having a good run, training is going well and you’re sticking to your diet! Boom, something happens, it may be an event, a party, a holiday or an injury, whatever it is, it happens. For me it was a competition down in South Devon. The event was two days long and pretty full on – because of this I ate a lot and was pretty smoked by the end. This last week I have found myself falling off the wagon with diet and training.


What Happened?

So, a two day competition that involved distance running, swimming, lifting and all other movements is what happened. Throughout the two days my main aim was to simply eat and drink enough to be able to perform. Then on Sunday night when all was said and done it was time for more food and a drink or two. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

However, since then I have literally found myself eating anything and everything and not training. Since Monday (it’s now Thursday), I have trained twice and eaten probably 5000 calories a day… Not “good” calories either. The thing is, I’m really not fussed.


Falling Off The Wagon Isn’t Always Bad

I’m human. There is a massive need for balance within my life. The weekend was long, tiring, eventful and enjoyable all at the same time. Events like this can put a huge amount of stress on your body and it’s important to balance the scales. YOU MUST ALLOW TIME TO RELAX.

My training load and volume have been low, however this has given me a chance to let some niggles ease off and allow my body to adapt. My diet has been way off but I haven’t let it get to me. I’ve enjoyed my food and not over thought anything. The great news is I’m actually looking forward to getting back on track with both diet and training. I have a renewed energy and excitement to stay on track and attack my goals.


Diet and Training Must Be Enjoyable

If you’ve had an event or incident that has lead to a lack of training or dip in diet, DON’T PANIC. It’s not the end of the world, simply enjoy the rest and recovery and use it as a chance to refocus and set your sights on what it is you really want to achieve. As an Expert Personal Trainer in Twickenham, London, I often find clients get worked up when they stray slightly from the path. Finding a balance that allows you to reach your goals without becoming obsessive is all part of the journey. Enjoy your food and don’t over think!