Being fit and healthy is bloody hard.  Being fit and healthy is bloody easy.  Both of these statements are true.  As a result we see extremes of fitness within everyday society.  At the top end we see people in the street who can perform as well as elite athletes with bodies like Greek Gods.  Equally, we see young people struggling to perform the most basic of physical tasks, such as walking to town.  In general the health of Mr and Mrs Average is deteriorating, along with that of our young population.  Those that are buying into fitness are finding it easy and achieving incredible results.  Those opting out are finding life increasingly difficult from a physical perspective.  Here Fulham Personal trainer and fitness expert Nathan Kelly highlights what’s going on.


The large expanse between the trenches

Most of us live somewhere between these two camps.  We want to opt in, as much as we can, and as much as our lives will allow.  However, there are several factors that influence our relative success:

  1.  Where to start.  It is so tough to know where to start.  Everybody is a fitness expert.  Everyone is following a different ‘the ultimate workout’ programme.  Everyone is willing to give you advice!  Navigating and sifting through this fitness advice is a minefield.  Find yourself a trusted, qualified and reputable source of advice to get started.  Whatever you do, just start some form of physical activity.  A general rule of thumb is do something that you enjoy.  You are more likely to stick at it.
  2. Comparison to others and the social media impact.  This is a huge issue these days.  Society is inundated with amazing bodies and extreme workouts that it can be easy to feel very inadequate.  Remember that most people on social media only show you the best bits – their highlights real that makes them feel good.  Nothing wrong with that – but you need to put it into perspective.  The only comparison you should be doing is with yourself – thats the only journey and result that you can control.  You don’t have to be a fitness expert.
  3. Time deepening.  Inventions such as the internet were designed in part to save time!  Haha!  Ultimately modern life can be complex – people are doing more with their time.  This can make finding time to exercise a real challenge.  If you’re serious about doing something though the bottom line is that you will make the time.  Just be sure to use it wisely doing something that you find enjoyable.
  4. Yesterday please!  Todays society allows us to access what we want at lightening speed.  From online shopping, to live streaming of events we are used to having it now.  The same has become true of fitness.  An obsession with high intensity, short duration training programmes has led to market saturation, injuries and drop out.  The human body likes to take its time, it will get there if you persist, but just reign in your enthusiasm and be patient.

And so it’s all down to ‘do something’, ‘anything’…

So what is the bottom line?  Do some form of activity.  Its doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something.  Seek a reputable source of information or expertise such as a mobile Fulham Personal Trainer, that can guide you in the right direction.  Plan your programme to improve yourself, rather than to compete with others in the online social media crap shoot!