Group training can be brilliant!  Working out with other like minded people is very energising.  I certainly find this with the group fitness sessions that I run in Ascot and London.  This energy and social enjoyment is particularly strong at the start of a programme.  Imagine the enthusiasm of that person who embarks on their new programme.  It’s pretty powerful.  This is multiplied in group fitness sessions where the ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’.  But what happens when the honeymoon period is over.  How can the personal trainer keep energy levels high and prevent a drop off from the group?  By focussing upon the individual.  Meeting the needs of the individual within a group fitness session is key to maintaining the energy and strength of the group.

Group Fitness in Ascot
London Bootcamps can be corporate or public. Outside spaces provide great venues for varied group fitness sessions


The individual make up of group fitness sessions

Ultimately, any group fitness session is made up of individuals.  Each person will come to the session with their own motivations.  Sure, they may share a desire to improve their fitness and be happy to do so within the context of the class.  You will be surprised at the number of people who love exercising outdoors in all conditions (it’s more than you think)!   But this is where the comparison must stop.  Different clients will arrive at group fitness sessions with different experiences, capabilities and expectations.  Trainers who assume that everyone wishes to work out in the same way and achieve the same goal are making a mistake.


Catering for individual needs within group fitness sessions

Every session must meet the common goal of providing a good enough exercise stimulus for everyone taking part.  Most balanced programmes that contain a variety of resistance, movement, mobility and cardiovascular training should do this.  Attention must then be given to meeting individual needs. Here are some factors to consider when delivering group fitness sessions:

  • Take time to speak with individuals and understand their fitness goals.  Can they be specific with them or are they much more general?
  • Scale exercises to suit the individual.  If a session contains a circuit of different resistance exercises, then take the time to check individuals technique.  Coach them so that feel that they are making progress.  Scale exercise or provide alternatives.  Individual clients must feel that they ‘win’ the session.
  • Get a good understanding for why people come to your group fitness sessions.  What is is it that they like?  Keep giving people what they like.
  • Understand that not everyone is into exercise like you.  Some want to simply move well at the same time as checking out from the pressure of every day life.


NK Fitness run several types of group fitness session in London, Ascot and the surrounding area.  Ranging in number from two to twenty we structure sessions to allow the individual to thrive at the same times as enjoying the benefits that a group has to offer.  Corporate and public sessions are available so please feel free to get in touch via our contact form.