As an experienced Twickenham personal trainer, I encounter a large number of  athletes looking to build muscle mass. Commonly, people are aware of what they need to do in the gym in order to achieve this increase. However, in order to optimise the hard work put in during workouts, it is essential to look at the bigger picture.

This means focusing on all aspects of life and directing them towards the common goal. I was only just talking about this with one of my clients during our personal training session in Bushy park. Below I outline 4 key factors to Building Muscle Mass

Resistance Training for Muscle MassResistance Training for Muscle Mass

Using a variety of intensities within a hypertrophy program will lead to maximal stimulation. Typical hypertrophy programmes use 6-12 reps per set. However, the incorporation of higher repartitions (>15) will provide the necessary overload and stimulus for continued adaption. Using compound movements will lead to maximal overload across multiple muscle groups. Try using higher repartitions to target specific muscles and imbalances, in addition, use these as a chance to improve your stability (see – Train Stabilisers for Maximum Gains)


Build Muscle Mass with Nutrition

The work isn’t over once you leave the gym. The body will still be working overtime to rebuild, repair and grow your muscles. As a result it is important to provide them with an easily digestible source of protein, this commonly comes in the form of a post workout shake. In addition, taking on board protein prior to sleep (if resistance training occurs late in the day), will allow the body to maximise muscle protein synthesis while you are at rest.


Conditioning For Muscle Mass

Completing any high intensity exercise will kick start your body and metabolism. The result, an increased ability to process Carbohydrates and Fats. It has been shown that HIIT training performed earlier in the day can provide the best results. However, try to leave at least 3 hours between HIIT and resistance training to avoid interference.


Build Muscle Mass While You Sleep

I have already mention how consumption of protein prior to sleep, allows muscle protein synthesis while you are at rest. Another important point to make, is a lack of sleep can reduce muscle protein synthesis and lead to muscle degradation. A healthy sleeping pattern will create optimal conditions for your muscles to grow.


Building muscle mass isn’t simply about going hard in the gym. A broad approach to both training and lifestyle can harvest the greatest results.