In April of this year NK Fitness recorded a record turnover.  This is a far cry from the first day we made a £50 quid profit back in 2011!  Having moved up from the West Country and starting from scratch, both are significant milestones.  That said, our small Berkshire personal training / strength & conditioning business doesn’t even come close to the growth of some commercial fitness ventures.  What are the key factors in achieving sustainability in personal training?  How best do you build a client base, and retain it?  Here’s the NK Fitness ‘Rocket Science’ guide:


Value the Fulham personal training business you do have

Firstly, recognise that this is a service industry.  One to one personal training sessions or strength & conditioning is service that involves people.  The very nature of the industry is that people and athletes need to repeatedly perform physical activity in order to achieve their goals.  Therefore, the scope for repeat business is better than a lot of other services.  Therefore, the most valuable customers are those that you already have.  At NK Fitness our priority has always been to look after what we have before worrying about gaining new business.  Clients that are looked after can become long term business – and it’s so much easier than trying to gain new business.


The value of marginal gains

Over the years NK Fitness has grown organically.  With a premium placed upon retaining repeat business, growth can afford to be a little slower.  In a commercial culture thats rewards non loyalty by encouraging consumers to switch, and rewards new business, we flipped this around.  No lightening flash sales, or discounted prices means slow growth.  Add one client at a time.  Tune into their needs and generate a long term relationship.  Repeat.  Having not made a fanfare the client enquiries we receive tend to be more genuine and suited to our services.  The perfect match.  At NK Fitness we have always appreciated the value of sustainable growth and marginal wins.


People are our most valuable asset

PT’s have one finite resource.  Time!  As strength & conditioning coaches in Fulham and elsewhere we sell our time.  Time which ultimately become limited!  As business grew NK Fitness needed to take on more personal trainers.  Finding personal trainers is not difficult.  Finding good PT’s is extremely tough!  However, you get what you put in when it comes to PT recruitment!  As a people services industry NK Fitness recognises the importance of the client – trainer relationship.  Using ‘good people’ is a top priority when it comes to building a growing personal training client base.  Good trainers and coaches generate repeat business.